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Sarasota's Finest Home Watch is the only choice when you are looking for competent, trustworthy professionals to look after your home when you are away. 


Why hire a Home Watch?

Absentee homeowners and those away for extended periods of time often rely solely on their security system to provide them peace-of-mind. However, security systems can’t protect you from mold and mildew, leaky pipes, insect/pest infestations or the telltale sign of absence by clutter on your front porch. And do your neighbors or family members want to be checking on your home, as well as their own, during an inevitable hurricane or storm?

Why hire Sarasota’s Finest Home Watch?

We know you want to return to the paradise of your Sarasota County home and enjoy it immediately without having to deal with dead plants, mold, insects, water damage, squatters, dead car battery, vandalism or worse yet, a hurricane.
Sarasota’s Finest Home Watch will check your home and be your eyes and ears while you are away.

As a home watch service, we differ from a house sitter or neighbor/friend/family member. We are insured, background checked and bonded and provide professional watch services on a predetermined schedule. We can offer home inspections weekly, bi-weekly, or according to your needs. Our business is proven with integrity, honesty, and reliability.

We offer regularly scheduled property visits which are systematic and timely. This comprehensive inspection is more thorough than infrequent visits from your family members, your security system, your handyman or your neighbor. We look for obvious concerns and the not-so-recognizable issues as well.

Sarasota’s Finest Home Watch wants to significantly reduce the likelihood of substantial damage and loss to your home by being proactive. Circumstances such as damage due to appliance or home system malfunction, vandalism, unnoticed potential problems, or hurricane preparations not in place cause costly heartache to a homeowner. We will know your home and will inspect it looking for these problems before they cost you time and money! We always treat our clients and their property like we would treat our own family!

We communicate with you after each visit, including our inspection reports and photos of your property and home. Our reports show you any issues that we have observed. You always know what is going on at your property and can authorize prompt action to minimize or prevent damage.

Sarasota’s Finest Home Watch offers you PEACE-OF-MIND while away from your Florida home, as well as after you return!

Our prices are competitive, and our “Essential Niceties” will create a stressless return to your home after being away. Pick essentials such as your refrigerator filled with your favorite foods and beverages to come home to, air conditioning turned to your favorite degree, water and water heater turned on and ready for that bath you dreamed of, maybe a bottle of wine, or a beautiful orchid waiting for your return. We can attend to your home to have it cleaned top to bottom for a sparkling clean! And while you are here, we can refer you to a home organizer, home improvement specialist and even the best place for a manicure and a pedicure!

We are a full-service Home Watch. Call and let’s talk!
Linda DeNiro, Owner
Sarasota’s Finest Home Watch & Notary Service, 941.504.1385