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What Security Systems Can Actually Deter Crime

In the fictional town of Riverdale, everyone is afraid. High schoolers are terrified that they might get shot. Their parents are scared of their kids getting shot. Even the burger joint is afraid someone will shoot up their drive-thru window. And with good reason: It’s one of the most commonly cited stats about Riverdale, and it’s not a good one. The small town has been plagued by violent crime in recent years. In response to this uptick in criminal activity, people have added security cameras and monitored their homes with cameras on their phones as much as possible so they can keep tabs on who comes and goes from every corner of town… Which makes it even stranger that no one seems to have thought about how these things keep people safe in the first place.

What’s the point of all these security systems?

Every one of these systems claims to make our lives safer, but how many of them actually, you know, do that? Technically, all of them can help keep people safe, but each of them is also incredibly easy to misuse. That’s why no matter how good a security system “might” be, you’re only ever as safe as the person using it. There are a few ways these systems can keep people safe. They can alert people to an impending crime, like when a burglar tries to break into someone’s house. They can also keep people safe after a crime happens, when authorities are trying to catch the bad guy. And then finally, they can help people stay safe before a crime happens, when they’re trying to stop the crime from happening in the first place.

Cameras can help catch criminals after the fact

Cameras are one of the least helpful ways to keep people safe, but one of the best ways to catch criminals after the fact. As soon as you install a camera, it’s absolutely critical that you record what’s going on around it. Otherwise, it’s just a fancy decoration. Cameras don’t actively prevent crime. They don’t keep people safe in the moment. They don’t even help people stay safe in the future. All they really do is help people figure out who committed a crime after it happens.

Electronic locks can keep people safe before a crime happens

A home alarm system is one of the only ways to keep people safe before a crime even happens. But that doesn’t mean it’s a crime stopper. A home alarm is just a fancy lock. It can keep people from breaking and entering, but it can’t stop a robber from robbing. It doesn’t do anything to prevent shoplifting or vandalism or other crimes against property. If someone breaks into your house, an alarm can help you stay safe until the cops arrive. If you want to keep your stuff safe, though, you need a security system that does a whole lot more than just make noise. A security system is every bit as important as the lock on your door, but it also comes with caveats. Any system that relies on a connection to the internet is vulnerable to hacking. Any system that relies on electricity is susceptible to power outages. And any system that relies on a subscription service is dependent on timely payments.


Security systems can play a role in keeping people safe, but they’re only as helpful as the people using them. These systems have a lot of benefits, but they also have a lot of limitations. Nobody likes being spied on, nobody likes being monitored, and that’s why these systems exist in the first place. There are lots of benefits to having a security system, including the fact that it could make your house more valuable. But, for some homeowners, getting a security system installed can be difficult, since not all systems work with every home. If you’re interested in installing a security system, make sure you do your research to find out which ones work best for your home.